The Aboriginal Indigenous Health Gap.

The Gap

In this story it went into detail to what exactly “the gap” is in Australia. The gap refers to the health gap between Australians and the indigenous people called the Aboriginal. Traits of the gap are, infant mortality rate was two times bigger for the Aboriginal at 6.2 than Australians, children 0-17 were eight times more likely were to be abused or neglected, and lived ten years shorter than Australians. The kinds of poor health they experience are physical and mental aliments. Suicide for the indigenous group went from 10%-80% from 1991 to 2010. There are more stats and other interesting information, but at the end of the article wants the reader to focus on help making Australia’s healthcare for everyone better.

Social factors.

This story I read was about the health gap in Australians and the indigenous people. The article contributes their poor healthcare to social factors in Australia. Australians have a life expectancy of 82 years where as the Aboriginal have ten years lesser than that. The social aspects that contribute to the inequality of health is overcrowding along with racism. Because of these aspects a non-government movement to close the health gap has become to a Federal Government program called closing the gap.

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Critical evaluation

For my first story its from a non-government organization that looks to inform the nation of the gap and how to close it. The data from the article was gathered in 2014 and is aimed towards the general population for the data is presented in easy to read format with nice graphics. The information is all based on facts from creditable sources that was referenced at the bottom of the page. The arguments and ideas are more informative like the other pieces I read, but does have an impartial tone.

For the second story was by a freelance science journalist, broadcaster, and author with numerous background experience.  She wrote this article for ABC Health and Wellbeing. This group has the goals to educate the masses about various medical happenings. This article was  published in 2015 and is pretty current. She is addressing the general audience. The information in the article is fact that has been well researched and is objective. She has the intent to inform you of the current inequality of health Australians and the Aboriginals have between each other.