The Importance of Aboriginal Culture.

The video is called Full Documentary. The Men of Fifth World – Planet Doc Full Documentaries and the story told by the old Garimala Yakar and his first hand stories of his people the Australian Aboriginal. This documentary was upload Aug, 2nd 2014 by the channel Planet Doc Full Documentaries. Planet Doc Full Documentaries are a group that upload documentaries about history, wildlife, culture, travel, and tribal groups around the world there website is here if you want to see other documentaries. The license is a standard YouTube license and the documentary is made for educational/entertainment. The video is about the origins of the Aboriginal people told from stories about how their way of life was and is now after meeting the white men. He tells stories of how their famous Aboriginal art is made and the importance of telling their peoples story to the young. You get a glimpse of their life style as he describes the weapons of war the men would use, which also was used to hunt as the women gather food because they are nomadic people.

The second video is called Original Australian indigenous Culture. This video a lot shorter than the first video. This is a short clip from the documentary group Discovery Atlas that was aired on the Discovery Channel from 2006-2008. This short clip was upload to YouTube in Mar, 7 2010 but was made in the timeframe of 2006-2008. The clip was made with educational purpose with the standard YouTube license. The channel that upload the video is called Commonagent who uploads informational videos. In the short video it shows the importance of the Aboriginal music and dance to the Australian identity. At the center of their music and dance is the Didgeridoo which makes the iconic sound of Australia. This shows an outside perspective of their culture and how it relates to outsiders.


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